I Dream of Trees (1,500, sci-fi)

“I Dream of Trees” follows an elf living deep beneath the ocean in a submarine. While seculded from culture and society, the narrator falls in love with the ship’s onboard AI. It was recently published as part of Renee Gendron’s wonderful anthology, Beneath the Twin Suns. Available on Kindle and in print at Amazon. In addition to the many fantastic short stories set in a shared SFF world, all proceeds from the anthology to go support the Red Cross.

Future Harm (8,000 words, sci-fi)

Katrina jumped up from the couch to answer the door as soon as the bell rang.  Her food was almost half an hour late — again. She was expecting the delivery guy from Bombay Heights with her order of chicken tiki masala, so she was confused when, instead of a skinny Indian man wearing an oversized motorcycle helmet holding a bag of take-out, there was a tall white guy wearing a camel-hair jacket over an expensive black suit.  He was impeccably clean-shaven, with a strong jawline and pronounced cheekbones, his hair parted so neatly that it… […read the rest of the story …]

Customer Satisfaction (900 words, sci-fi)

The customer recommendation algorithm at had grown more and more sophisticated over the years.  In the early days, back when their business model involved physically mailing out DVDs (Imagine! How quaint!), it was a simple matter of prompting users to click on a rating the next time they visited the site (“Help us help you!  How much did you enjoy your viewing experience of INSERT FILM TITLE HERE”), then cross-referencing the movies customers rated highly with films that either shared key elements (Bruce Willis! … [… read the rest of the story …]

The Ones Who Walk Away From Amazon Prime (1800 words, satire)

With a flurry of promotional emails and banner web advertisements, the fantastic deals of Prime Day came to the website of Amazon.  The homepage of the site was festooned with links pointing towards amazing deals in all departments, from a 6-quart Instapot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker for $59.99 to a Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $29.27 (in a variety of colors).  For shoppers who used the app on their phones, the amazing deals of Prime Day were there as well, available for purchase in seconds wherever those … [… read the rest of the story …]

Indistinguishable From Magic (1300 words, sci-fi/fantasy parable)

Once there lived a very wealthy, and therefore very powerful, man.  He was, if not the richest man in all the world at the time, one of the richest, and after many years of enjoying such extreme wealth and power he had become accustomed to his every desire being fulfilled immediately.  They say that money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of the incidental factors that contribute to happiness — and this man was, in fact, very happy. There was not some empty, gaping hole inside his soul that he attempted to fill with lavish spending … [… read the rest of the story …]