So I started Tales From the Year Between because I was bored, and then at some point I found myself filing the paperwork to form an LLC. Basically a random tweet lead to a book, which led to an independent publishing company. Of which I’m the founder and president. Hi!

Skullgate Media is a member-owned publishing collective. Our goal is to publish exciting and innovative fiction across a wide range of genres with a focus on speculative fiction, weird fiction, and sci-fi fantasy. We value friendly collaboration, wild imagination, and shared worlds, with the general belief that the best way for authors to succeed is to help one another. Instead of working in isolation, the members of Skullgate media have come together to pool our experience and various skill sets in order to complete the entire publishing process in-house: from drafting and beta-reading, to layout and copy-editing, to web-site design and marketing.

I’d say more, but there’s an entire website. Go check out, where you can learn more about our company, buy our ebook, find links to other sites you can buy our book and swag, and even listen to a podcast.