30 DMs, no PCs – An Anthology Like No Other

Most literary anthologies center themselves around a genre (sci-fi, fantasy, western) or a theme (loss, resistance, love). In Tales from the Year Between, all the pieces are set in a shared world — a shared world that doesn’t exist before the journal is launched. Part massive role-playing game, part world largest writing prompt, and part literary magazine, Tales from the Year Between brings authors together to create something new and magical together — something no one can imagine before the magazine begins!

Using a modified set of rule based on the fabulous collaborative story-telling game The Quiet Year, all contributors to the anthology start by playing a week-long “game,” in which everyone takes turns telling the year in the life of our town. Although we start from only a few sketchy details, by the time the game is finished, we are left with a complex, rich, and fabulously weird world to explore through our writing.

The final anthology is filled with artifacts from that year — flash-fiction and short stories, songs, recipes, works of art. It is a visitor’s guide into a place that has never been and didn’t even exist in anyone’s imagination just a few weeks before. It’s strange and fantastic and utterly unique.

Volume 1 — Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bones

The first volume of Tales from the Year Between is in final production now and will be available in August 2020!

At the crossroads between Mieville’s New Crobuzon and M.T. Anderson’s Viriconium, on the border of Dhalgrin and D&D, just to the left of Terry Pratchet’s Disk World and Mad Max’s Fury Road … lies Acthen Tan, an at times brutal and at times humorous city located at the foot of the Godtree on the southern edge of the Bonewastes. Home to giant ants, mysterious mirror fragments, and the world’s greatest Rib Joint, Acthen Tan is bursting with stories of fantasy and wonder. One part Italo Calvino, one part Frank Herbert, with just a dash of George R.R. Martin and Frank L. Baulm, Achten Tan: Born of Bone and Blood a truly unique collection.

Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bone,” will be release on August 17th. It is currently available for pre-order on Kindle at Amazon and as an eBook at Smashwords. After August 17th, it will be available as a paperback.

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