30 DMs, no PCs – An Anthology Like No Other

Most literary anthologies center themselves around a genre (sci-fi, fantasy, western) or a theme (loss, resistance, love). In Tales from the Year Between, all the pieces are set in a shared world — a shared world that doesn’t exist before the journal is launched. Part massive role-playing game, part world largest writing prompt, and part literary magazine, Tales from the Year Between brings authors together to create something new and magical together — something no one can imagine before the magazine begins!

Using a modified set of rule based on the fabulous collaborative story-telling game The Quiet Year, all contributors to the anthology start by playing a week-long “game,” in which everyone takes turns telling the year in the life of our town. Although we start from only a few sketchy details, by the time the game is finished, we are left with a complex, rich, and fabulously weird world to explore through our writing.

The final anthology is filled with artifacts from that year — flash-fiction and short stories, songs, recipes, works of art. It is a visitor’s guide into a place that has never been and didn’t even exist in anyone’s imagination just a few weeks before. It’s strange and fantastic and utterly unique.

Volume 1 is currently underway now! Please stay tuned for the first installment of “Tales from the Year Between” late summer 2020! Follow developments on the Year Between website, on Twitter at @aboutrunning or by using the hashtags #AchtenTan #TalesFromTheYearBetween #YearBetween #TFTYB