Concordance is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce reincarceration rates through a one-of-a-kind proven re-entry model. Our mission was to help them in their efforts as they expanded their reach to new cities. We provided them with a fresh brand identity and brand purpose that put them in a strong position to move their mission forward.
Brand Elements
Due to constraints in showing people in photography, we decided to move forward with a heavily graphic approach that focused on flexibility. Our primary element was a pattern made of individual shapes that could be arranged to create a number of patterns, shapes, and graphic elements. 
Brand Guidelines
Once the basics of the brand was established, we expanded the look and feel into an in-depth brand guideline that defined rules around logo usage, brand colors and typography, photography treatment and brand elements. ​​​​​​​
Brand in Action
The First Chance Campaign
As Concordance broadened their reach to a new audience and city, it was time to create a fully integrated campaign that educated everyone on what Concordance is and what they stood for. And we wanted our key audience to see Concordance not only as a re-entry program, but an impact with a powerful ripple effect that worked to improve lives and transform communities. 
Web Design
Our website redesign featured bold graphic elements paired with impactful statistics that brought awareness to the issue of reincarceration and how Concordance is making a difference. Interactive elements allowed the audience to dig deeper into the program's timeline and services while graduate spotlights, statistical call outs, and pull quotes gave visitors insight into the positive impact that Concordance has had on real people and communities.  
Print Materials
An introductory brochure was created to capture the mission of the First Chance Campaign at Concordance. We were able to educate our audience about the problem of reincarceration and elevate Concordance's 12 Essential Services with fold-out feature.
Social Media Templates
Social media was utilized as a main source of communication from the brand to their audience, so we created a variety of templates for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These templates provided a base for our client to create new social graphics while retaining a cohesive and consistent brand presence online. 
A reimagined brand identity that our client could carry into the future along with a cohesive multi-platform campaign that brought awareness to Concordance's mission and proven solution to addressing reincarceration in America.

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